Sure, we could have posted this days ago like good little bloggers, but…well…we’re still hungover from St. Patrick’s Day. So now that we’ve put down the Advil, we’re ready to be entertained yet again.


Monday nights at 9pm ET/PT

In its seventh season, the Fox thriller has recaptured its addictive magic with a heartstopping Washington storyline. Must-see Monday TV.

“Watchmen: The Complete Motion Comic”

Warner Premiere
In shops now

For us comic book nerds who can’t get enough of “Watchmen,” try this one on for size. These twelve 30-minute chapters were previously available as iTunes downloads. Nice.

Anna Faris in GQ

GQ Magazine – April 09
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Attractive girls are fun. Funny attractive girls are even more fun. Add some airbrushing and scandalous clothing, well, your getting the idea.

Melissa Rycroft on “Dancing With The Stars”

Monday nights at 8pm ET/PT

“The Bachelor” reject (who needs Jason the jerk anyway) shows that you don’t need to practice for a month to be good at this stuff.

Kelly Clarkson

Sony BMG
In shops now

The pop princess is back on track with her new album “All I Ever Wanted.”

Heard it Through the Grapevine

by Matt Skinner
Mitchell Beazley

Wine dude (and Jamie Oliver’s partner for the Fifteen Restaurant group) offers up a wine-for-dummies volume to teach us how to drink. Not that we need any help in that department, but a few pointers never hurt anybody. :)

“Synedoche, New York”

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
In shops now

Charlie Kaufman’s wonderfully weird directorial debut has Philip Seymour Hoffman, Samantha Morton, Michelle Williams, Catherine Keener, Emily Watson, Dianne Wiest, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Hope Davis and Tom Noonan. If you ever considered theatre folk to be a peculiar lot, well…this will confirm that notion three-fold.

The Whiffenpoofs 2009

A cappella may be on the rise. This week NBC announced ‘The Sing Off,’ an eight-week Idol-esque competition to find the best vocals around. For the curious, check out Yale’s Whiffenpoofs (, a collection of 14 male seniors with some ridiculous pipes. The group turns 100 this year.