Everyone’s talking about “American Idol” and “Lost,” — and there is plenty to talk about — but Wednesday night”s TV gem was NBC’s wonderful “Life,” the Best Show No One Watches (Or Writes About). Seriously, why do the TV bloggers ignore it. “Hit Me Baby,” written by series creator Rand Ravich, was everything Lifers love about the show: clever story, cool acting, witty dialogue, easy flow, merriment and mystery. A financial advisor with a taste for high-priced call girls is found poisoned and impaled by a broomstick to his living room wall like an avant-garde sculpture (“man on a stick”) as Travis’s version of “Hit Me Baby One More Time” plays in the background. Turns out the killer is a “hit man woman” posing as one of the escorts. Pigeons play a key role in Crews (Damian Lewis) solving the case. “She does what she does because no one knows she’s doing it. She knows that we know she’s doing what she doing… she’s got to do something else, hasn’t she?” You don’t get this stuff on “Law and Order” or “The Mentalist.” Such a brilliantly-crafted episode — Ravich throws in zany bespectacled twins and a tech-support operator in India — I had to watch it twice. And, if you missed it, shame on you, you can go online and watch it too.