BBC America
Premieres on Friday 20 February @ 8pm ET/PT
Following episodes to premiere Fridays at 9pm

A drama about four girlfriends in the prime of their lives. Sounds so familiar that I nearly tossed the DVDs in the rubbish when they arrived. But as the press release so cleverly touts, this is a show that goes “beyond lipstick and cashmere.” And indeed, it is. There’s Katie (played by Sarah Parish), a doctor who has been having an affair for the last two years with a terminally ill patient of hers. There’s Trudi (Sharon Small, “About A Boy”), a mother of two who lost her husband in the 9/11 attacks. She may be the least glamorous of the group, but she has the meatiest ‘Once and Again’-esque storyline. Siobhan (played by Orla Brady) is a lawyer whose husband is just determined to have a child, which strains the foundation of their marriage. And then there’s Jessica (Shelley Corn) the Samantha-y vixen of the group who goes through men like Kleenex but is beginning to take it all more seriously. The stuff these ladies go through has nothing to do with shoes and handbags. It’s definitely about the big stuff: love, loss and the common thread of infidelity. The storylines dive into some very gray areas, and our living rooms will thank us for inviting these women in. ‘Mistresses’ is the show you should be watching, so hop to it.