This Sunday’s game in Tampa — Steelers vs. Cardinals — is nothing special. But Bruce Springsteen’s mini-concert at intermission may be the most anticipated halftime show in the 43-year history of the Super Bowl. The NFL has been asking The Boss to do the Super gig for years, and this time he finally said yes. Springsteen’s sensational new album “Working On A Dream” (Rolling Stone gave it a rare five stars) came out this week, and his latest tour kicks off on April 1. What better showcase than the Super Bowl (6:15 p.m., NBC) with its audience of 150 mil. The halftime hype is so big that Las Vegas oddsmakers have been offering bets on the song selections. “It’s going to be a 12-minute party,” Bruce said at a SB press conference. Joyhog prediction: “Born In The U.S.A.,” “One Lucky Day,” “Glory Days,” “Born To Run.”