Premieres Wednesday 21 January @ 9/8c

The thought of a new procedural about a dude who solves cases by honing in on the micro expressions of suspects is, well, less-than-enticing. How many episodes of a show can we possibly watch where a wink or a twitch tells us whodunit? Well, there is a whole science behind FOX’s ‘Lie to Me,’ it’s not just a television concoction. If you wanna dweeb out and learn all about it, get Dr. Paul Erkman’s book on those tell-tale signs that last 1/25th of a second. In the show, Eric Roth plays Dr. Cal Lightman, who is one of those quirky folks most of us would never meet in real life. He also has one of those fancy-cat offices that only exist on TV shows. In the pilot, there are two cases on the table for his crew of three to cover. A combination of hard evidence and interviews help the staff sort out what went down with these and a myriad of other cases. I don’t know how many tidbits about lying there are to sprinkle throughout each episode, but if it can conquer that balancing act, ‘Lie to Me’ will become the coolest procedural since ‘The Closer.’ I can’t wait for the episode where the criminal is recovering from Botox.