Premieres on 7 December @ 10pm / 9pm CT
New episodes on Tuesdays beginning 9 December @ 10pm / 9pm CT

TNT has been very good about branding its series in the last few years. They are an hour long. They are procedurals with a central protagonist (usually one who has a kooky background or some major beef). They have a dramatic premise but carry out their storylines with a heavy dose of humor. These are the shows of TNT. ‘Leverage,’ which looks more severe than say ‘The Closer’ or ‘Saving Grace,’ stars Timothy Hutton as Nate Ford, a former insurance investigator who got burned by his own industry when his son died. He is approached by an aeronautics executive who has been snubbed in his own way. Ford is hired to work with a small team of…well, thieves, to steal back the plans. The crew is a funny little group, each with their own ticks and style. When it all comes together it’s sort of like “Oceans 11”-light. The challenges are clever and the characters are fun, but they really just linger on this side of BLAM! and KAPOW! All in all, ‘Leverage’ is a fun show. It passes the time, everyone’s enjoyable to watch (except Hutton, but he’s not supposed to be) and it could very well fall into the category of shows like ‘Psych’ that we watch at 3am because we can’t sleep. We could always do with more options there…