Walt Disney Pictures
Opens on Friday 21 November nationwide

From the first moment I saw the trailer for “Bolt,” I was completely enthralled. Yes, the dog is cute. Yes the premise of a TV pooch who thinks he has super-powers is kinda fun. Yes, a cross-country animal adventure will reel in the kiddies and animal lovers alike. But at the end of the day, it’s all about Rhino. You see, Rhino is the hamster who meets Bolt (voiced by John Travolta) and Mittens the mangy housecat (voice by Susie Essman) when he rolls out of his person’s trailer in his ball one afternoon. Our fury trio travels from the scrappy streets of New York through the flyover states until they reach Hollywood, where Bolt is hoping to reunite with Penny (voiced by Miley Cyrus), his human from the hit TV show they appear on together. There are little adventures along the way as Bolt realizes he’s just a regular ol’ pup. It all gets very tender and squishy…perhaps a little too much so, but, hey, it is a Disney picture, after all. On the sidelines are plenty of fun animal characters (mostly pigeons) who our little hero looks to for guidance. All the animals we meet are pretty funny and endearing, and they certainly personify their respective corners of America. But Rhino is the best. He has a squeaky voice (care of the brilliant Mark Walton) and a scratched-up ball to scurry around in, and, well, he makes me giggle like the little girl who sat in front of me at the screening. This is definitely one to watch with the kids when it hits DVD, but perhaps the digital 3D angle will lure you to the cinemas this weekend. Either way, it’s one to catch.

Dear Disney:
This hamster needs his own TV show.
JP Sarni