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Let me first say that “Quantum of Solace” is no “Casino Royal.” When the Bond producers rebooted the franchise two years ago, audiences were anxious to see the rebirth of the secret agent and put those memories of a Brosnan-Bond para sailing on a tidal wave from a melting glacier behind them and Daniel Craig’s Bond did just that. Unfortunately, he also introduced less charismatic Bond.

I’m no 007 aficionado, but I think “Quantum of Solace” may be the only Bond movie in which the story is so deeply rooted in the previous installment. Instead of the womanizing, gadget-toting, wise-cracking Bond we enjoy, we were given a revenge hungry Debbie-downer. (see “Casino Royal” for notes)

In ‘Solace’, Bond, eager to avenge the death of his last love, hunts down the people that left him such an emotional wreck. His search leads him to Dominic Greene. The Bond villain with little to no personality and more importantly, no physical attribute to mark him as bad, unless you count being short. Dominic’s master plan is to secure a piece of land that will (without spoiling anything) drastically increase the cost of living for the poverty-stricken people of South America. Parts of the film even play out like an episode of ‘The West Wing.’

The locations are little less exotic, as are the cars, the women, and the advanced technology. There is no ‘Q’ and there are no fancy watches with lasers. In fact, the only piece of “advanced” technology is a giant multi-touch screen much like a giant iPhone. (Come on Bond, even CNN is doing interviews via hologram these days). The problem is that “Quantum of Solace” feels less like a Bond film and more like a “Bourne Ultimatum” rip-off. The action sequences are great and so are the fight scenes. (Coincidentally, they used the same stunt coordinator as the Bourne series)

As far as a good time at the theater goes, you probably wont be to disappointed but as far as a Bond movies go, you may not remember this one in a couple of years.