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This past summer kicked off with the latest addition to the Indiana Jones franchise. At the time, it all seemed great. Indiana Jones was back on a new adventure and that was worth seeing not matter what. But as the summer continued and audiences had time to reflect and gossip about Indy’s latest travels, it started to summon up some not-so-pleasant after tastes. The term ‘Nuke the Fridge’ started popping up all over the Internet. In referring to something that is beyond absurd. Even as recently as this month the creators of ‘South Park’ developed an episode where George Lucas and Steven Spielberg rape Indiana in a “Deliverance” like fashion.

But lets not forget, it wasn’t all bad. Minus Shia swinging through the vines with monkeys, surviving a nuclear blast and the last 20 minutes, Indy’s latest ‘Adventure’ was actually pretty exciting. The motorcycle chase? The hill of ants? And as you can imagine, the 2 Disc-er is littered with special features that will keep you up hours passed the end credits showing you things you didn’t even know you cared about.

I can understand your hesitance but revisiting Indy IV again but it might just bring back that popcorn high you had when first left the theater.