“OMFGG — Original Music Featured on Gossip Girl 1” hits stores Oct. 28. Compiled by Alexandra Patsovas, the mastermind behind “The O.C.” it’s a solid if stingy (only 13 cuts) mix of today’s new artists, including The Virgins, The Pierces, The Kills and The Republic Tigers. “Gossip Girl” has also launched a website devoted to the music on the show (omfgg.com)

The songlist:

  1. The Kills – “Sour Cherry”
  2. The Kooks – “Do You Wanna”
  3. Phantom Planet – “Do the Panic”
  4. The Teenagers – “Feeling Better”
  5. The Virgins – “One Week of Danger (Demo Version)”
  6. Nadia Oh – “Got Your Number”
  7. Crystal Castles – “Crimewave”
  8. The Republic Tigers – “Fight Song”
  9. Junkie XL – “Cities in Dust”
  10. The Ting Tings – “We Started Nothing”
  11. Oppenheimer – “Breakfast in NYC”
  12. The Pierces – “Three Wishes”
  13. Albert Hammond Jr. – “Hard to Live in the City”