As usual, this month’s selections come from all over the place. From high-brow books (okay, so they have illustrations) to DVDs wrapped in tiny sweaters, there is rarely an entertainment we don’t find joy in. For the moment though, this is the stuff that is awesome. At least to us.

Oliver Stone’s P.


Because it’s about time someone made a cartoon out of Sarah Palin.


Paramount Home Entertainment
In shops now

Yes, as in the movie. But now you can discard however many older versions of the DVD, VHS and BETA you have lying around the house. This one comes with a little sweater, people! And, well, it’s Grease. Grease is the word, you know…

Drawing Babar

The Morgan Library / NYC
On view through 4 January 2009

A recent ‘New Yorker’ article shed just way too much light on Babar recently. Basically alluding to all the social and political undertones of the beloved children’s book. Well, it did remind us how much we like Babar! This exhibit of the drawings is just a couple of rooms, but if you’re in the city it’s worth a look to see how Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff told such a simple collection of stories that have stuck with so many of us for so many years.

Ugly Betty: The Complete Second Season

ABC Studios
In shops now

When we took a peak at the first episode of the new (3rd) season of ‘Betty,’ we saw the offices of Player Magazine and then Kate Reinders was there – a ‘Fabulous Life’ alum, and, well, it was all a bit confusing. For the curious, you should really watch television in order. So take a step back and enjoy the colourful life of season two.

UTA Joblist (except, not really)


For all those kids who try to break into Hollywood on a daily basis, the UTA Joblist is a great resource. But this farce pretty much sums up exactly what the life of an assistant is like out in LA-LA-Land.

Iron Man

In Shops Now

Because you are going to need something to hold you over until The Dark Knight release. Might as well be 7 hours of bonus features.

Donal Logue in ‘Life’

NBC’s intelligent crime drama is better than ever in its second season, and the big reason — other than Sarah Shahi wearing her hair down — is Logue as the brash and funny new police captain.

Samantha Who?: The Complete First Season

ABC Studios
In shops now

Ever since Christina Applegate said “Look, it’s Jesus!” in “The Sweetest Thing,” we have been totally and completely addicted to her. Now in the comedy where she has lost her memory, she’s adding some sincerity to her schtick. But no worries, the ensemble cast keeps the hilarity a-coming.

McSweeney’s Issue 27

BOOK (kinda)
Available online and at places like The Strand

If you are not familiar with this lovely publication, then wise up! This months collection of short-ness comes in 8 little hardback books which assemble to make pretty pictures when you put them in the nice box on your coffee table. And, yes, there are pictures!

Private Practice : The Complete First Season

ABC Studios
In shops now

Is it wrong to enjoy the spinoff as much as the original? Okay, we admit, sometimes it’s even more than the original, but hey. Perhaps those Cadillac commercials that Kate Walsh did had something to do with or. Or maybe the lack of rain has something to do with it. In any event, we are still diggin’ on this program. Get caught up, will ya?