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When the trailers for “Pathology” first came out, I was immediately enticed by its premise and have always wanted to see a companion piece to “Flatliners.”  This film, however, is not about bringing anyone to the edge of death, it’s about killing them outright.  It centers on a group of pathologists who establish a secret society (ok, more like a clique I guess since they don’t wear masks) in which they test one another’s deductive reasoning skills on corpses they themselves provide on a regular basis.  Dr. Grey (ha!) is played by Milo Ventimiglia.  He’s the all-around good guy and smarty-pants who has just arrived at the hospital and gets lured into the crazy high of killing people who, as his comrades would argue, don’t deserve to live.  In fact, though he has a wonderful life outside his work, the first time we see him smile is when….well, it’s bad news.  Supposedly this movie only made about $100k, which seems off considering it’s leading man’s NBC fan-base.  Nonetheless, more people should see it.  It’s a cool concept, executed with dark moodiness (in a good way) from director, Marc Schölermann and a creepy score.  It’s worth the rental if you’ve got the stomach for autopsies.