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It’s a dark and sinister Manhattan that we see in “Deception.” Ewan McGregor and Hugh Jackman lead up the cast of this mystery which was originally called “The Tourist” and ultimately only made a paltry few million when it came out, perhaps because it was marketed about ten minutes before its release came out and then got buried. Written by Mark Bomback (who did the story for “Live Free or Die Hard”), this is a taught little thriller that has some juicy twists. You can spot one or two of the bigger ones coming (sadly, the clincher is one of them), but the pay-off is still pretty sweet. McGregor plays the dweeby accountant with no personal life to speak of while Jackman gets to be debonair as always. There’s a secret sex club with hot girls, a whole lot of scenes in fancy midtown offices and some characters that get whacked along the way. I forget how much I enjoy thrillers until I watch a really good one unravel before my eyes. You should feel bad for this movie because it made no money, and you should just go ahead and rent it because it totally should have.