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Brothers and Sisters may have hit a bit of slump in its second season. With lots of daytime drama involving mystery Walker offspring popping in and out of the family picture mixed with the rise and fall of a Presidential candidate and the handling of a drug addicted war vet. Still, the show manages to pull off all these story lines without making viewers roll their eyes. Easily a testament to the Emmy award-winning cast. As I mentioned in my review for Dirty Sexy Money, any DVD that comes with props surely earns extra JoyHog points. Brothers and Sisters comes with some fancy recipe cards from “Nora’s Kitchen.” I have no intention of ever making any of these dishes but just the fact that ABC went through the effort to print them out for their fans is kinda special. The DVD also offers what I suppose is the usual at this point. Set tour, interviews with cast and creators, deleted scenes, and a feature that isn’t as common; behind the scenes look at the food preparation for the on screen meals.