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Year 4 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ may go down in a minor blur. Yes, it’s after the time of cast scuffles over slurs and the time when we saw Katherine Heigl became a leading lady. But it’s also a year in which some of the juiciest arcs are tapering off and we’re waiting for the next ones to rev up. The interns are no longer newbies to Seattle Grace, the most obvious courtships have flourished and fallen and the fun episodes of bombs and drownings are behind us. Now our central group have become residents (except for George…poor George) and the incoming class (despite one of them being a ‘Grey’) is noticeably less enticing. The show has slid into a steady soap-stream, which is not all bad. We’ve grown to love these characters with their charms and foibles. More of the latter, of course, but that’s what keeps it interesting. I find myself waiting for another juicy case where a pole is plunged through two complete strangers. We’ll just have to wait for the next big batch of drama, it seems. This Thursday’s episode is about a plumbing leak. “Make it work!”