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It’s no surprise that ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ became a hit last season. After all, its title is comprised of the top three buzz words in American marketing. Unlike most CW series you will find, ‘Dirty Sexy Money’ does not just garnish loose far-fetched plots with expensive cars and skinny girls. Peter Krause plays Nick George; a low-end attorney who’s recently murdered father used to be the family lawyer for the Darlings, New York’s richest family. After reluctantly filling his fathers shoes as the Darlings new lawyer, the mystery of who killed his father begins to unravel all while his relationship with his wife becomes strained by cleaning up the daily messes of Manhattans richest children. And ABC has spared no expense packaging their DVD’s. Chock-full with of special features including a set tour and making-of featurette, it goes the extra mile by including a fancy newspaper prop featuring a mini bio on all the characters. Any DVD that comes with props earns extra points in my book.