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In cinemas on Friday, 3 October

“Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” starring Michael Cera and Katy Dennings (as Nick and Norah, respectively) is a cute teen flick sure to resonate with the under 25, East Village crowd. The movie begins with Nick completing his twelfth break-up mix tape for his ex, Tris, a Miley Cyrus doppleganger. Norah, the daughter of a famous music producer, goes to private school with Tris and has been intercepting Nick’s mixes unbeknownst to him, convinced they are musical soul mates.

The story unfolds over one, long night, in which Nick and Norah are thrust together in search of Norah’s drunken, missing best friend, Caroline (played by Ari Graynor), and their favorite band “Where’s Fluffy”‘s mystery concert location. The movie’s creators attempt to give it some street-cred and LES authenticity, by having scenes take place in spots like Baby Fat, Vaselka and Union Pool, peppered with shots of Astor Place, Katz’s Diner, St. Marks, and Gray’s Papaya. For someone who’s frequented those spots, but never all in one night, it comes off as a little forced.

Dennings does well coming off as a “real” girl – with strong opinions, and discrete insecurities – without appearing too cliché or overly dramatic (eye rolling and hair flipping is saved for the character of Tris). Cera is as charming as ever. His soft-spoken, overly self-conscious lines are delivered at just the right moment. While the movie may not prove representative of the crowd it tries so desperately to give a voice to, it at least evokes fond memories of the sensitive guys or gals we wished we dated in high school and for 90 minutes let’s us live vicariously – and it feels pretty okay.