Gotham Books
In shops on 7 October

It was probably sometime last year when I first saw these kooky kitty images on a friend’s Facebook page.  I poked around the site recently to find this old favorite, for example.  They are just photos…of cats, mice, other household creatures, who get funny misspelled captions with which to cover their faces.  Well, the web phenomenon has made it into a real book, and you can get your own for about ten bucks.  I’m not gonna say this is a “best of” collection, however.  The book is a nice spackling of these images, but not nearly as funny as if us JoyHoggers had been able to pick the shots to live out a glossy eternity.  This website is a clever idea, and everyone who wishes gets the chance to play along.  If you ask us, look to the online edition for your chuckles.