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“The Nightmare Before Christmas” has fallen on many people’s lists of ‘modern classics’ since its release. Easily one of the best Halloween movies to date (up there with “The Crow” and “Scream.”) Look past the gaggle of middle school kids with Jack Skellington stickers and backpacks, and this Halloween take a trip back to Halloweenland. “Nightmare” is sort of a diamond in the rough. First of all, it’s stop-motion so it’s already way better than most Disney movies. Second, it’s a Halloween AND a Christmas movie, the two bookends of the Holiday season. Third, it’s one of the few movies (before Pixar) that could be enjoyed by both kids and adults. Fourth, it introduced Jack Skellington to the world; a now worldwide (maybe?) recognizable Halloween icon. He should be up there with ghosts, witches, mummies and vampires. Special features include a rather dated Behind-The-Scenes Making Of, deleted scenes, trailer, commentary and best of all, the original poem on which the film is based narrated by Christopher Lee. The new two-disc DVD comes with the very fancy Digital Copy so you can put it on your computer and watch it on your iPhone. Why not.