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With enough wine in my system, I’ll watch pretty much anything. So when a couple friends spotted this on the coffee table the other night (grown-ups, in fact), our evening special was decided upon. “Another Cinderella Story” stars Selena Gomez (who is apparently on the Disney Channel) and Drew Seeley (who was apparently in the ‘High School Musical’ concert tour) as the doormat and the prince, respectively. It’s all super silly and high school as one would imagine. Instead of leaving her glass slipper behind at the ball, it’s her Zune. To find the girl, Joey (the prince, and a pop star, of course) asks the ladies to tell him which tracks are the most listened to on the iPod wannabe. In reality there’s ten years between the co-stars (and you can totally tell) so it feels a little illegal and dirty, in addition to not being very good. I mean it’s well produced and everything serves its purpose, but this is the trouble with the old “well-made” structure. There’s nothing bad going on, but nothing really good, either. Oh well. We still have HSM3 to look forward to!