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One of last seasons surprise hits was certainly ‘Eli Stone.’ The series from Greg Berlanti (‘Brothers and Sisters,’ ‘Dawson’s Creek’) follows Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller) who plays a lawyer with a brain aneurism that makes him see George Michael, among other things. His ex-fiancé (Natasha Henstridge) is the daughter of his boss (Victor Garber) who is continuously on the verge of letting him go. To boot, his brother is the doctor keeping his brain aneurism a secret from the firm and his friend has convinced him he is a prophet from God. It all sounds very complicated but its primetime TV, it has to be. His visions, which range from being run down by fighter planes in the middle of the street to the Golden Gate bridge collapsing, become his compass and direct him to which cases to take on. As the story goes, the once blood sucking lawyer begins to take the moral high ground by working pro-bono to help the innocent. The DVD comes packed with extras including blooper reel, set tour with Natasha (oooh!), a feature on the visual effects (of which there are a lot for network TV) and more. If the series continues as strong as it started the show may be on for a good long while. The new season starts October 14th so you have until then to get caught up.