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In cinemas on 19 September

I’m moving to “Ghost Town”

Mmm I love me some Ricky Gervais. Not to mention that I’ve never met a ghost movie or RomCom I didn’t like (I mean, come on, Bill Cosby in “Ghost Dad”? Who didn’t love that movie?). So to start, I may have gone into this one a little biased. But I certainly wasn’t the only one laughing in the theater.

But back to the beginning. “Ghost Town” is about Dr. Pincus (Gervais), an anti-social, unfriendly dentist. He lives in Manhattan, a city swarming with pesky humans whom he dislikes in general and would prefer to not interact with altogether. Lucky for Dr. Pincus, he starts to see all of Manhattan’s dead inhabitants after dying for just seven minutes and returning to life during a colonoscopy. The only side affect being that he can now see ghosts. And they won’t leave him alone. Same old story – they got unfinished business and want him to help.

The ring leader o’ spirits is Frank Herlihy (Greg Kinnear) who promises to make all the other ghosts leave Dr. Pincus (who Kinnear lovingly calls “Dr. Pinkass”) alone if Pincus helps him break up his widow, Gwen (Tea Leoni) and her new fiancée. Pincus takes one look at the babe that is Gwen and decides he’s just as good a bait as any.

Gervais doesn’t know how to be unfunny. His timing is impeccable and what are sure to ad-libbed lines, brilliant. Kinnear is a dreamboat, and as such, offers up some good banter with his on-screen partner, but this is Gervais’ movie. And it may be just me, but “Ghost Town” doesn’t feel as much of a guilty pleasure as say, “Fools Gold.” The plot thickens as does any romantic comedy, but feels old fashioned in a way. The girl falls for the guy that’s not the hunk, who has no grand gestures, who didn’t lie or make a bet – just because he makes her laugh. There’s no kissing or love scenes. There’s no making out in public at the end. Just a meeting of minds, a need for that person who’ll get you, who’ll be there, and keep you giggling with inappropriate Asian jokes.

But then again, maybe that’s the cheesiest part of all. Either way, I’m buyin’ the DVD.