Opens in limited release on 19 September
Angelika Film Center & Lincoln Plaza Cinemas

“Battle in Seattle” is an off-the-radar film that deserves to be seen. Stuart Townsend’s directorial debut is about the WTO (World Trade Organization) conference in Seattle that non-violent protesters were plotting to shut down. When other protesters join and it gets ugly, not only did chaos break loose but spirits were broken as well. A full-bodied cast that makes this film includes Michelle Rodriguez, Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Andre Benjamin, Connie Neilsen, Ray Liotta and Martin Henderson. As you can imagine, this cast make the film impeccable to watch and what’s more, Townsend mixes footage from the actual event with his well-directed, stylistic approach. It really takes you back to the place and the time and the commitment people have to these issues. This event may not stand out in some people memories and therefore this is a great storytelling mechanism for these few days in Seattle that should be recognized.