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Despite having been an official selection at Sundance and New Directors/New Films, we were not at all familiar with “Reprise,” before watching it. Set primarily in Oslo with little jaunts to Paris (yes, people, it’s in Norwegian), “Reprise” is the directorial debut of a severely gifted new director named Joachim Trier. The story follows two boys in their early twenties whose literary aspirations send them on two very different paths. One, an immediate success (Anders Danielsen Lie) is soon come undone by his obsession with a girl. The other (played with delicate balance by Espen Klouman-Høiner), takes longer to make his mark on the publishing world. Trier’s cinematic style and his screenplay (co-written by Eskil Vogt) take the Jean Pierre-Jeunet approach to exposition with fast, fun cuts that move back and forth through time. When it all slows down, however, it is that cold, quiet stillness that becomes really engrossing. At its core, “Reprise” is a story about the camaraderie of young men, and the insatiable need to be an active participant in the flourishing culture of the outside world. It’s a world where suburbia is death, women are distractions and everyone just wants to be heard but not judged.