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Now that I’m totally into this series, I was tickled to see an early peek at the first episode.  There was some bold-faced language about spoiler alerts and such, so I will only disclose this: redheads are trouble, every new TV season deserves a new hairdo and sometimes danger comes from the most unexpected places.  It is here though, that young John Connor really decides to man up for the first time and makes the first of many bold choices, some of which his mother and comrades are not too keen on.   All the beautiful poetry at the end of season one is temporarily pushed to the side as we get acclimated to the arc of the new season, which smells like a big ol’ corporate plot to rule the world and make lots of cash.  Figures.  Shirley Manson has got her scrunchie on pretty tight in the first episode and she’s gonna be the one to hate this year.  I must say that the great big scary corporation thing is not nearly as interesting as the characters that were shaped last year.  Considering that I’d watch them do just about anything, I guess this robots-from-the-future idea will be sufficient.