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Premieres tonight at 8:40pm ET

Perhaps you caught wind that we really dig this show when you saw it mentioned on The Awesome List, but just for proper cheerleading, let us review:

This show has been collecting the comedy awards in the UK, now it’s time for the U.S. bow. Gavin & Stacey met on the telephone. He’s in Essex, England and she’s in Wales. After getting their flirt on for several months, the agree to meet in London, where they immediately fall in love. From that point on, it’s the brilliant antics of families and best mates, planning the wedding, getting to know each other and all the other hot messes young lovers fall into. Like ‘The Office,’ NBC is going to be formatting this show for the US audiences. Until then, we can enjoy the 13 episodes (UK seasons 1 and 2) and the funny, deadpan and overall endearing cast that has been assembled. Matthew Horne as Gavin is as close as we’ll get to an Everyman for this show (they’re all pretty kooky – in a good way). He’s complimented by Joanna Page as Stacey. She can be a smidge on the neurotic side, but so are most female leads in sitcoms. The true standouts of the series (and the reason we could watch it for days) are the best mates in the wings. Ruth Jones as Nessa is to the point, crass, like a bear with a toothache. God bless her. And lastly there’s James Corden as Smithy on the other side (he won the BAFTA for this show). So it’s a great group to watch, and I for one, am eager (and more than slightly terrified) to see what the Americans will to to this gem of a comedy. It’s love at first sight, I’m tellin’ ya.