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But will I be lost if I haven’t seen the FIRST “Traveling Pants,” you ask… A valid question, but I have no idea. I do know that the soundtrack ended up in my hands and I thought…could be fun. What we’ve got here is basically an 11-track mix tape for moody teenage girls. I’m not judging, trust me. There’s a sticker on the front which touts the track “Together” by Michelle Branch, which was previously unreleased (and let me tell you why…) but on the backside you’ll notice the bubbly stuff like “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper (that’s right, the original). The cool tracks on this CD are probably downloadable for free or maybe 99 cents. Jack Savoretti ‘s “No One’s Aware” is very Chris Isaak-y and Missy Higgins’ “Warm Whispers” is also a good one. If you keep listening, next you’re at Craig David’s “Friday Night” which is almost fun, but just misses for those of us old enough to vote. For what it is (and the audience it’s going out to) the soundtrack and music supervisor, Julia Michels certainly achieve the goal. Fun, girly, occassionally memorable but usually packs the punch and lasts as long as a wad of grape Bubblicious gum.