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Boy, I think it would have been a nightmare to be a showrunner last season. With all the stops and starts, how does anyone know how many episodes you’re going to get on? “WE HAVE CLIFFHANGERS TO PLAN, PEOPLE!” Well ‘Sarah Connor’ got nine out of the gate, which make this set a bit less juicy than one would hope. You see, I had watched the first couple episodes in “real-time” along with the rest of the planet. Sure, I liked it, but I wasn’t doing cartwheels. But after taking the plunge this past weekend, I’m licking my chops for season two – and hoping it’s a whole lot longer. This series dives in with just enough of a reminder as to the world that was created by the films years before. Just a few drops of that mythos and it all comes back to us. John Connor is going to save the world someday, but he must survive to see that day. We see him ever-so-gradually morph into that hero (well-played by Thomas Dekker) and, of course, Ms. Sarah Connor herself (“300″‘s Lena Headey) who is pretty fierce but also manages to get some maternal moments in there. They are protected by Cameron (‘Firefly”s Summer Glau) who is relentless but also so eager to learn about all things human. And rounding it off is Brian Austin Green as Derek Reese. He doesn’t trust a soul, he looks great, and may be the best actor to come out of the ‘90210’ halls. These are simple elements in a complex story, and they’re all woven together with expertise by a fine group of writers who know just when to blow things up, just when to scare us and just when to release the tension with a short laugh or a little coming-of-age moment. It has the epic structure to stick around for a long while, and with the right finesse, it will be downright poetic.