In 1987 the masterpiece known as “Masters of the Universe” was released to the public, introducing He-Man, Skeletor, Gwildor and Courtney Cox into our lives; and nothing was ever the same again. Now, modern day cinema is trying to ruin its legacy. MTV is reporting that screen writer Justin Marks plans on giving the film a “Batman Begins-ification.”

“The script is very true to the characters — we’re not talking about putting nipples on the Trapjaw suit. But we had to come up with a reason again why Trapjaw would actually not just be something that’s totally absurd, but why he would need those bionic parts added to him,” Marks insisted. “Which gives a sort of sense of where [the movie] is going in some way.”

I think it may be safe to assume that the loveable Gwildor will probably not be making an appearance in the “Batman Begins-ification” of the movie. So please, enjoy the following tribute to Gwildor below.