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You would think a cartoon as controversial and offensive as ‘South Park’ would loose its steam come year eleven. But on the contrary, ‘South Park’ might be the best it’s ever been. In the last five years my limited appetite for adult-suitable cartoons has been polluted with pop-culture one-liners, flashbacks and talking babies. I forget that the original cartoon marvel is still alive and well. Even in its eleventh season ‘South Park’ still manages to hold the proverbial mirror in front of our faces and still make (most of) us laugh. Subject matter in these episodes ranges from “the accidental racist white guy” who is singled out and then discriminated against or the colonization and genocide of head lice in children’s hair. You may remember ‘South Park’ as all fart jokes and potty humor, but the writing is crafted so well that you even find cultural relevance in an episode devoted to a crapping competition with Bono. It seems like this show will be around for a couple more years but when it finally reaches it’s end, it will surely go down as one of the most celebrated shows in recent history.