Warner Home Video
In shops on 19 August


I don’t know why they just don’t call this show “Biatches.” Or “The O.C. in Manhattan.” While I enjoy a cat-fight as much as the next guy, some of these gals need to be put down. And then we have Michelle Trachtenberg going all “Single White Female” for a creepy multi-episode arc. Ew. The apartments are gorgeous, the music is hip, the hair is flowing, the upwardly mobile cafeteria politics are trashy and delicious. Oh, and then there’s the ad campaign which is one of the best things to hit billboards and buses in years. Josh Schwartz has got good stories in here for both the kids and the grown-ups. Sometimes there’s even a tender moment in the last few minutes, or maybe that’s just me going through the change. Anyhoo, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in this polished teen bop fun. And for those of you who already have done, the DVD has a nice little pile of features. For starters, there is the downloadable audiobook of the first installment of the YA books. There’s also bits and bops on the fashion of the show (I watch these kids shop and I feel like one of Sally Struthers’ kids), a good gag reel (longer than most). So let your cares fall away, and enjoy the trials and tribulations of pretty, over-privileged teens up on the UES.