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“The Ruins” treads lightly on some dangerous genre territory: killer plants. A movie about killer plants hasn’t really been tackled since “Little Shop of Horrors” decades before. It starts comfortably enough in the horror genre with four attractive 20-somethings in Mexico. With one-day left on their trip they decide to venture out to a Mayan ruin buried deep in the jungle by way of a tour guide they met hours before at the hotel pool (yup). Needless to say, the ruins host some deadly plant life that the locals are obligated protect and soon quarantine the travelers after accidentally touching the vine. A couple of missteps in judgment later, the guys and gals quickly discover how deadly the vine really is. But pants play less of a role as “killer” in this flick. Trapped atop a Mayan pyramid for three days the kids resort to some extreme gruesome measures to keep alive. There is an amputation scene which involves a rock and a frying-pan that I won’t soon forget. The DVD comes with all sorts of in-depth behind-the-scenes features that include interviews with first time director, Carter Smith, and executive producer Ben Stiller (same Ben Stiller.) Also, gore fans will get the skinny on all the prosthetic limbs and gallons of blood used to make me almost throw-up. Fun.