In stores August 5th

Mike Mangione was first pitched to me as “A voice like Ted Leo (who I love) and a sound like Ryan Adams.” So I was obviously eager to give him an iPod test run. After listening to his entire new album Tenebrae I have to agree that it was a pretty accurate description. His music may fall into the country genre but it’s the kind of country that you hear on American Idol, not CMT. While there aren’t really a lot of toe tapping tracks on Tenebrae, it is full of tenderly sung acoustic songs such as “Slowdown” that will have you reminiscing about deep conversations you had at high school parties. His entire album has already been licensed for use for the upcoming seasons of Human Giant, Road Rules and The Hills – so if nothing else you will be seeing his name flash up in the corner while LC and Audrina are fighting. If you are one of those people that still buys CD’s you will have to wait until Augusts 5th for his album but you can already find it for download on iTunes. Check him out early because his name is bound to be popping up on forums across the interweb.