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In the very first moments of “Harold & Kumar 2,” the poo humour begins. This is the kind of stuff that has kept me at a safe distance from the “American Pie” collection. John Cho and Kal Penn are pretty funny guys though, so I just covered my eyes during the icky parts and kept on watching. In this adventure, the boys get busted for partaking in the pot on a flight to Amsterdam and are detained at Guantamo Bay as terrorists. Yet they manage to escape, and joyous tomfoolery ensues. There’s a W. Bush mockery (standard practice nowadays), a one-eyed, inbred child in the basement somewhere in the deep south, and the gay priest dude from ‘Brothers & Sisters.’ Except here he’s not gay, and he’s kind of a douche. At its core, it’s a film about values: be a bud, enjoy a nice smoke, get the girl…everything America holds near and dear. There are more laugh-out loud moments than ocassions to grimace at the filthy jokes, so that’s good. It’s not the kind of thing that you’ll remember the next day, but it’s not bad to put it on during one of those afternoons when you can’t be bothered to concentrate on anything substantial.