It’s 8:00am on Day 3 of Comic Con and the line for Hall H has already snaked around to the parking garage of the Marriott hotel which is next to the convention center. “Heroes”, “Lost” and “Terminator: Salvation” are all on the mornings menu and due to a Comic Con rule that the rooms are not cleared after panels, fans are standing in mile long lines in hopes to get a seat for a panel that wont start for another three hours.

In case you were wondering, I got a seat towards the back..


Really? Heroes has fans that are this devoted? Executive producer Tim Kring arrived at the panel with a metal briefcase handcuffed to his wrist. Fan’s cheered, I still don’t totally get it. Inside, the first episode of season 3 “Heroes: Villains.” This was received with another huge roar of applause. The episode was much better than any of the previous season. A handful of questions get answered including what Syler actually does when he cuts open someones brain. (Which was a big problem for me) The jury is still out on this one…


The LOST panel was one of the best. Creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof were there to answer the fans questions and give them prizes (such as a life-vest signed by the writing staff.) Even Mathew Fox surprised fans by coming out half way through the panel. Towards the end a “fan” hurdled on stage to reveal his had taken some bootleg footage from the Lost booth and was going to “show us the truth.” What played was Lost character Dr. Marvin Candle admitting to the camera that his real name was Chang and is actually a professor from Michigan. He went on to tell how he was about to fall victim to a “violent purge” but not before saying his research on the Island was valid and the “Dharma Initiative should be reconstituted.”

bullet points for the next season

  • Rousseau’s story will be shown this year.
  • There will be a new device besides the “Flash Forwards” and “Flash Backs.”
  • Daniel Faraday’s journal that shows what’s going to happen in the future will feature prominently in this next season.
  • Did the island move when the hatch imploded and the sky turned purple? No.
  • “Dead is a relative term.”

Terminator: Salvation

Surprisingly good. McG got the crowed going after dropping a couple of F-bombs and insisting that some costumed fans and Arnold impersonator join him on stage. The entire cast (minus Bale) were on stage as well to take questions and fuel the fire. McG debuted an intense CGI-less trailer which surprisingly looked fantastic. When asked if Arnold would be back, McG replied by saying “giving away that information would ruin the enjoyment of seeing the movie opening weekend.”

So, there’s that…

What I didn’t understand is why McG kept referring to Salvation as a “re-boot” to the franchise. Didn’t T3 make a couple million?

Pushing Daisies

Wow! I had no idea that Daisies has such an intense fanbase, and neither did Comic Con. The panel was held in 6A, one of the smaller rooms at the convention center, and it was packed. I arrived over an hour early and was lucky to get a seat.

The whole cast was there, with my fav Kristin Chenoweth who sang “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” for the audience. Bryan Fuller confirmed that in the upcoming season there would be more singing, additional Broadway stars would be joining the cast, both Emerson Cod’s daughter and mother would appear in the show and that the season starts with Chuck moving out of Ned’s place. There will also be a number of rubber contraptions made so the two can almost touch, including one to help the two “spoon.”


Wha? Anyone who has been to Comic Con knows that in order to see any panel no matter how big or small you must arrive in line at least an hour early. So why was I able to just stroll into J.J. Abram’s panel and get a seat in the 5th row? This is one of the most anticipated and most expensive pilots of the upcoming season! It was even rumored that J.J. would be showing three minutes of his upcoming film Star Trek.

Not to much was revealed about Fringe. J.J. did state that unlike Alias and Lost he wanted Fringe to not rely as much on previous episodes so “if viewers missed the previous episode they won’t be lost.”

Also, it should be noted that when asked about a Cloverfield sequel J.J. replied:

There’s something we’re playing with now that may or may not happen. There’s an idea we have that plays with… it’s not a literal sequel.