The second day of Comic Con and there is only one word on everyone’s lips, Watchmen. Hundreds of devoted fans have started the night before to form the line to the now famous, 6,500 capacity, Hall H to get a first glimpse of Zack Snyders adaptation. I, foolishly, was among them.

I thought getting in line three hours early would get me a seat close to the stage. But by the time I traced the herd’s of pale, passed out, costumed fans I was about a quarter mile from the front of the line. It was like college oriantion all over again, and there I was lying in the grass baking in the hot sun with a overpriced breakfast sandwich in hand. Around me groups were forming discussing what they were expecting to be presented. The first 5 minutes? Behind the scenes footage? Nudity? Sadly it was none of these. Fans would only be treated to Zack Snyder clumsily presenting a three minute bloated rated “R” trailer, which I will admit ‘looked’ as stunning as “300”, and nothing else. An in depth breakdown of the footage can be found all over the internet and maybe even some bootleg footage.

Five hours later the panel let out and crowds ran to the Comic Con floor to retrieve their Watchmen “gift”, which literally was a lousy t-shirt. It was around this time that I deeply regreted not attending “The Big Bang Theory” panel.

Comic Con: 2 | JoyHog: 0