After a three-hour journey from L.A. to San Diego this morning, we were greeted to 125,000 attendee’s and lines as far as the eye could see. This is JoyHog’s first Comic Con…

The shameless promotion begins the moment you check into your hotel. Advertisements on your room keys and inside elevators set the tone for the next 3 days.

Here are JoyHog’s day 1 highlights.

Three Best Displays (so far)

Watchemn: Owlship

The one used in the movie, all “9,000 tons” of it.

007: Quantum of Solace – Aston Martin

I just like expensive cars

Nightmare Before Christmas Set

I wanted to take it home

In News…

At the Knight Rider panel, series producer Gary Scott Thompson (Las Vegas) gave audience members a 3-minute glimpse at the upcoming season. Highlights include KITT “transforming” into ATTACK mode (which basically looks like a pickup truck) and the announcement of “Turbo Mode” which means the car can jump over stuff. There is also the inclusion of a KITT cave, which is dark and is lit by green and blue lights and has lots of laser beams around it. Other than that, the look and feel of the show basically feels like Las Vegas with different pretty people.

At the Twilight panel there was a line with an undetermined vanishing point, so I said, “screw it.” But apparently a clip of some vampire on vampire action was revealed and prepubescent girls swooned.

Later on, at the True Blood panel, Executive producer Alan Ball shed some light on his new series adapted from the books of Charlaine Harris. From what I remember, Anna Paquin stars as a telepathic virgin waitress who falls in love with a vampire. Vampires are now coming out in society because of a synthetic blood drink called “Tru Blood.” Also, sex with vampires is extremely good, but you may die – there are gay and lesbian vampires – and vampire blood is being sold as a very expensive drug. Should be good.

Other noteworthy attractions

Ghostbusters videogame is a pretty fun game. It’s nice to see vintage Bill Murray, even if he is virtual. The game lets players use proton packs, traps, meeter things and a bunch of other stuff you always wanted to lay your hands on after watching the films. Look forward to the games release this October.

Also, there were some scantily dressed ghostbusters ladies there…

Some new Watchmen figures debuted showing off the “vintage” costumes that will be used in the film.


They day ended playing video games in VIP rooms of swanky open-bar night clubs. First there was Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe in which the classic MK characters duel DC’s library of super-heroes and super-foes including Superman, Batman, Joker, Catwomen, etc. I’ll admit I was a bit terrified at first when hearing the decision to merge my favorite video game franchise with DC Universe, but after a night of free beer and a couple rounds I’ll say the game has grown on me. It has already won a spot on my Amazon wish list, so that should say something..

Then on to THQ Darksiders, a role playing game that involved a giant sword and strategy. Two things that usually turn me off from video games. But its sleek graphics and overall fun-ness just won my little heart. Although it may not be the perfect fit for the casual gamer like myself as it does involve using your head.

And thats that. I know must head to bed so I can wake up early and stand in line for 3 hours. You stay classy, internet.