Here’s what producers are saying as the show prepares to begin its third season Oct. 1 on DirecTV with NBC repeating the episodes in 2009.

  • The action skips eight months ahead to the fall and the final year of high school for several prominent characters.
  • Former guidance counselor Tami is now the school principal… and her husband, the coach’s boss.
  • Lyla and Tim are in a serious relationship after Lyla (you go girl) dumps her bible-thumping boyfriend.
  • Tyra wants to be friends with Landry… as she hooks up with a local rodeo star.
  • Matt and Julie are friends again… maybe lovers?
  • Smash and Jason, who have already graduated, say goodbye.
  • Matt’s mother reappears in his life.
  • A freshman phenom creates a quarterback controversy.
  • Santiago is gone.