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In cinemas and IMAX nationwide on 18 July

Audiences have been anticipating “The Dark Knight” for over a year. Just last July, groups of teenagers in Joker makeup paraded around San Diego’s Comic-Con to get the first look at the upcoming trailer. A year later, the hype around the film has turned from giddy-nerd enthusiasm to somber-celebration after the death of Heath Ledger. I was skeptical when first hearing about the Oscar buzz surrounding Heath Ledger’s performance in this film but after seeing it, I have swung my vote. There have been enough great quotes about his performance that I’m sure we will see plastered on billboards and tv trailers for the next couple months but the fact is; Heath Ledger’s performance is so charismatic and sinister that it should go down in film history.

Let’s assume you know nothing about this film for a second. “The Dark Knight” is the next Chapter in the Christopher Nolan Batman saga. The city of Gotham (played by the city of Chicago) plays one of the most important roles in this film as Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman (Christian Bale) and The Joker (Heath Ledger) try to sway the city and it’s citizens in and out of self-destruction. “The Dark Knight” is more than just a comic book movie, it works as an intricate crime thriller that compares with the likes of “Se7en.” It may or may-not be “the best comic-book movie of all time,” but it certainly is the best film of the summer.