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In shops on 15 July

Give the people what they want, right? Well, apparently we want our Apple Bottom jeans, a cast that makes Benetton look pasty, and a throwdown that takes us into a parking lot so we can see hot dance moves slash a wet t-shirt contest. Nothing wrong with any of that. Briana Evigan plays the girl with plenty of potential who just can’t get it together. As a last effort to remain with her Aunt in Baltimore (yes), she must straighten up and fly right as a student at the Maryland School of the Arts It’s here where she befriends her crew, a collection of misfit toys who have probably never seen “Fame.” Robert Hoffman is the big man on campus, but she doesn’t fall for his lines, and actually beats the audience to the snappy comebacks. In a movie like this, where a certain cheese factor is inevitable, it’s good to have a leading gal that has your back in the sass department. The rivalry of the crews ensues leading up to the big showdown called The Streets, and, well, it’s like if “Dangerous Minds” were a ride at DisneyWorld. But then we see these kids break out the moves, and all our gripes about filmmaking are tossed aside as we just watch and think: Daaaaaaaaaamn. The music keeps us in there and the DVD has some videos to entice you as well (‘Low’ and some Missy Elliott). Another feature is a little behind-the-scenes time with first-time feature director, John M. Chu, who seems to have as much spunk as his cast, and was able to get a lot of fun moments from them. On the surface, this kind of movie inevitably gets a raspberry, but the music, the moves or the talented young-ins who star will prevent you from watching a morose drama instead.