Written by Tom Corwin / Illustrated by Craig Frazier
Flying Dolphin Press
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It’s hard to say exactly what kind of book “Mr. Fooster” is. At about 100 pages, half of which are pictures, it first seems to be a read for children. According to its front, however, it’s “a visual novel.” And I suppose that’s a pretty accurate description. This is a tale of whimsy (well, of course) and imagination that will charm and enthrall it’s readers. The world of Mr. Fooster is both very real and highly imagined. There’s stuff of reality making an appearance – things like ebay and Scrabble. Then there’s a magical can of bubbles that can create things like cars and magnifying glasses. And as for the sense of wonder that Fooster invokes on his journey, well, it might be more ethereal than most children’s books, despite the Seuss-isms that make cameos. Things like: “If the brain is made of 80 percent water, what might the ocean be thinking?” and “How come it takes more muscles to frown than to smile?” Yeah, it’ll get you thinking about some stuff, for sure. The writing is effervescent and engaging, and the illustrations by Frazier are quite wonderful. If you have a few minute to spare, Fooster’s your man.