Perhaps everyone is a bit tired of hearing about Sex and the City: the Movie (as per the cover of Time Out New York) but I think some critics – mostly male in gender – are being a tid bit unfair.

Like say, Anthony Lane of the New Yorker. As pointed out by this post on yesterday, the illustration that accompanies the scathing review just about sums up Lane’s distaste for the all female cast. He scolds the film’s director for close-ups of Samantha (played by Kim Catrall) shoving heaps of guacamole into her mouth, claiming it did nothing to uphold her symbol as a crusader of sexual promiscuity. His critique being, that if Samantha is supposedly a sex symbol, then she shouldn’t be eating.

And then there is the issue of Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) closet. Instead of a ring, she asks from Mr. Big upon his proposal – a big closet. To Lane, this gesture is “creepy” and even worse were the audience’s reaction to it during the screening he attended, “Gasps, fluttering moans, and beside me, two women applauding.” Heaven forbid a female audience react to a scene and enjoy herself – even if it may be frivolous. What exactly would his reaction be to a male audience member applauding at the end of Iron Man? I have a feeling whatever he has to say about that would not be as soaked in condescension.

Lane has some serious, and I would argue unwarranted, issues with this film. And that’s fine – he’s allowed to. But it’s an issue he apparently wants to not only take up with the all female cast but with the contemporary female in general. The one who apparently should not take two and half hours out of their hectic life of juggling jobs and personal commitments to laugh, maybe even cry, during a romantic comedy. Women who like SATC know its fictional. They know that Carrie, as a writer in New York cannot afford what she apparently can afford in the show. But let them watch their movie for a few hours and be told it can. Should we shoo men from Iron Man because of how unlikely it is that a man create a big red suit that can fly and thwart off the Taliban?