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So I was too much of a wuss to go see “The Strangers” this weekend.  Shocker.  I did, however, wake-up at 3am the other night and images from the trailer had me so spooked, I had to turn on all the lights (no, I’m not kidding) and watch “The Kingdom” to quell my fears.  The score to the film is by tomandandy, with previous creepy credits including “The Mothman Prophecies,” “The Hills Have Eyes” (talk about nightmares) and “The Rules of Attraction” (better).  So I did take a stab at listening to their score for “The Strangers” while driving around in the bright California sun, but I was still unnerved.  Their tracks for the film – many with one word titles like ‘Empty.’ ‘Alone,’ or ‘Run’ stretch out just a few eerie chords until you can’t help but look over your shoulder.  It’s like taking that one-note plucking from “Eyes Wide Shut” and actually making it interesting – and with the slightest trip-hop polish.  There are two things that I will say about this CD: 1) Now I MUST go see the film (I’m thinking the senior citizen showing at 11am…and 2) The score is pretty terrific, but unless your a connoisseur of film composers and have a collect-them-all obsession, I can’t see many folks rushing out to buy this disc.  I’m glad that I have it, but with my night sweats, I don’t think I’ll be adding it to my iPod for the Party Shuffle.