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Okay, so I’m not gonna lie…I have yet to see this Caspian picture. I can say, however, that I have been enjoying the soundtrack as I put put around Los Angeles. The first film’s accompanying CD featured Christian music aplenty. This one, not so much. Harry Gegson-Williams does the score once again for songs that play under raids and duels. For a nice sample, have a listen to tack 5. Then, of course, are the obligatory theme songs for end credits, DVD special features and ankle-biter sized music videos. Among them: Switchfoot’s “This Is Home,” which is totes catchy. Then there’s also Regina Spektor’s “The Call,” Oren Lavie’s “A Dance ‘Round the Memory Tree” (how’s that for a Narnia title?) and Hane Hukkelberg’s “Lucy.” It’s kind of inspiring, kind of cheesy, and I’m kind of okay with that. Or, at least I’m okay with hearing that Switchfoot song and track 5 over and over.