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Opens on 22 May


Well, the wait is finally over.  Indiana Jones has returned, and I am happy to report that he’s as good as ever.  As you may have gathered from the various trailers, teasers and assorted footage on the website, this adventure involves, well…in director, Steven Spielberg’s own words from the press notes:

“It was important for me that the character move into the Atomic Age,” says Spielberg. “Our film takes place in 1957, which is totally informed by the Cold War, by McCarthyism, by hot rods, and girls wearing letter sweaters, ponytails, and saddle shoes. For me, the ‘50s were emblematic of music, of the very beginning of rock and roll. It was Technicolor. The Fifties means the bright young faces that Norman Rockwell loved to paint.”

Yup, it’s all in there.  If you’re familiar with the canons of George Lucas and Spielberg, then you can certainly see how all these elements are likely fodder for the newest installment.  While most of it is new territory for Dr. Jones, it feels completely genuine.  As with the previous films, the story gets going straightaway, with only one or two opportunities to sit down for a cocktail or grab a hot shower.  Screenwriter, David Koepp (credits include indie stuff like “Mission: Impossible,” “Spider-Man” and “Jurassic Park”) does an exquisite job and inviting us back into this world, and giving us all the clues we need to know about when and where we are in the course of history, without getting too heavy on the exposition.  There are things that transpire in the film that allow for some cheesy comments, and it does become a bit much in the wink-wink-nudge-nudge department.  Besides that, though, my only qualm was the Amazon chase scene, wherein the basic rules of gravity and physics are tossed aside for some scenarios, that, for reals yo, could only happen in the world of video games.  Sure, the Indy franchise has got more than it’s share of POW! and KABAM! action, but this went a bit overboard.  So there were two things about the movie I wasn’t keen on.  Whatever.  It’s still INDIANA JONES!  And if you’re reading this review rather than seeing the film, then you’re just a fool to believe she’s like the wind.  This is what we’ve been waiting for, kids!  I will be going back for a second helping myself.