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As we count down the remaining hours and minutes before “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” hits our retinas, there is no better primer than to revisit the original trilogy.  Water cooler chit-chat all around the country has morphed into academic debates about which of the first three films is the best.  Often the triumphant one is “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  For me, it’s “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” for a storyline that brings Dr. Jones’ past into his present (and, ostensibly, into his future if you recall that whole eternal life bit) with the fine work of Sean Connery.  When “…Last Crusade” came out, I remember being late for school so I could watch the clips on the morning shows as Harrison Ford made the press rounds.  I can still tell you exactly which scenes they teased us with.  So like all those films that came out during our formative years, there is no matching that.  Those adventure/fantasy posters for classics like “The Goonies,” “The Neverending Story,” “Labyrinth,” “Back to the Future,” “Gremlins,” “Return of the Jedi” and about a hundred others represent that time that we can’t get back, but will never be without (“It’s our time!  It’s our time down here!”).  And so, revisiting these films is like seeing an old schoolyard pal who hasn’t lost his sense of imagination, even if the world we now inhabit is in short supply.  The special features are plentiful, but pale in comparison to those created for Paramount Home Video’s recent ‘Young Indiana Jones’ releases.  The stuff on here is like storyboards, genesis of the plotlines, clip montages with Spielberg and Lucas, and one called “The Mystery of the Melting Face.”  All that aside, it’s a key volume for any library if you don’t have it already.  No need to upgrade to this edition, just be sure you always have it in-stock.