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Here’s the film you missed this weekend. It’s called “The Fall.” It’s from Tarsem, the lush and tactile director that you may remember from the J-Lo thriller, “The Cell” a few years back. It stars Lee Pace from ‘Pushing Daisies.’ And it’s not to be missed. Set in the Hollywood of the 1920’s, Pace plays Roy Walker, a movie stuntman who is laid up in hospital after a bad spill that will likely be the end of his show biz career. A young girl named Alexandria (the beguiling Romanian child actress, Catinca Untaru) comes to his bed one day, and he begins to tell her a fantastical story. Broken up into several visits, Alexandria gets bits and pieces of the story in exchange for her pinching some pills for Roy, who wants to end his life. As both stories move forward, our two leads cross-over from one world to the next. According to press notes, the film took more than four years to complete and shot in more than twenty countries. And every moment is worth it. There are some scenes of high style which are perfectly placed, and some which are…well, not so much. But who cares. The rich palette of the film is reminiscent of modern European classics like “Amelie” and “Run Lola Run.” For this reason, and the remarkable work of Pace and young Untaru, this a little movie that needs to be on your radar (and on your Netflix if it doesn’t reach your hometown cinema). Have a look at the site for the mouth-watering trailer, and take notice.