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Ok, so here’s one you missed.  I know, because when the DVD showed up last month it got swept under the proverbial rug, and it took a lazy Sunday for me to finally take a look.  “Sharkwater” is a riveting feature documentary from filmmaker, Rob Stewart (a very young, very tan, very smart Canadian) who set out to do a pretty movie about how sharks are not the devilish creatures mass media would have us believe them to be.  In the throes of getting their great underwater shots, the tiny crew gets caught up in the international scandal that is the shark fin industry.  After four and half years, the film finally came out and got great nods from the festival circuit but not much mainstream attention.  You’ll see undercover filming, the entire crew getting arrested, and some horrific (not to mention wasteful) images of the gruesome fishing industry – often times very close to the world’s most protected natural habitats like the Galapagos Islands.  All with some mesmerizing photography, a powerful human drama and a score by “White Squall” composer, Jeff Rona (you can listen to it on the website: http://www.sharkwater.com/).  Seriously, kids, go get this one.  I think you’ll be hard-pressed not to tell everyone you know as the credits roll.