With ‘The Dark Knight’ headed to theaters this July, toy stores are starting to get their first wave of product from the upcoming film. The Mattel line includes an array of different Batman’s (each equipped with armory for various un-probable situations), as well as some role playing gear, some of which I wish I had as a kid (WayneTech Mega Cape!) Also some noteworthy vehicles such as the Batmobile and what appears to be a two lane wide Lamborghini that also serves as a dressing room for Bruce Wayne. But the real prize of the line is The Joker. Modeled after the late Heath Ledger, the figure has recently made waves on both Page Six and PerezHilton. A feat that not even the trampiest C-lister could achieve. The figure has caused a buzz ever since its firt unveiling earlier this year at the Toy Fair. Fans waited patiently in line for the collectible at the ‘Toys R’ Us’ here in New York. The figure sold out in minutes and rumors are floating that warehouses are completely out of the collectable. While I’m sure Mattel is hard at work in trying to meet the demand, it looks like you might have to wait a good couple of weeks before you get to lease that prime piece of desk real-estate out to the plastic figurine.