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It’s kinda heartbreaking that it must come to an end. Again.  I have been known to blab on and on about how great this series was – both when it first aired and now on DVD – and the truth is, I’m still lovin’ on it.  Maybe it’s because it’s…well, Indiana Jones or maybe it’s because the beginning of the twentieth century was so exciting, no matter where in the world you went.  In these last episodes, Indy sees the end of the war, loans a pencil to President Woodrow Wilson, and encounters countless icons of the day, including George Gershwin, Ernest Hemingway, Dorothy Parker, Al Capone, Edith Wharton and more.  There’s plenty of heydays to witness…the end of the war in Paris, the golden age of Hollywood, the bustle of New York, the jazz of Chicago.  It’s all pretty wondrous.  And what’s more, the scripts for these episodes really deliver, with just a thin segway from one episode to the next.  If you want some good history lessons, look no further than the bonus material on these discs; there’s mini-docs on all the major topics and figures you’ll come across as you watch.  For a great sample, check out “The Treasure of the Peacock’s Eye.”  (sigh)